Can You Beat Breath of The Wild Without Walking? One Guy Did.


When it comes to video games that offer a tidbit of freedom in the way you approach things, there numerous ways to up the ante by constantly putting unnecessary restrictions with yourself that even the developers didn’t think you’d do. Some people try to beat third person shooters without firing a single bullet. Some like to take a pacifist route to a rather violent game. And then there’s the certain kind of crazy that tries to beat a massive open world game without ever taking a single step.

Meet PointCrow, a Youtuber who took upon the challenge to beat the entire Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doing just that. Restrictions include: no horses, no running, and apparently no grinding. Instead of the route most people take by defeating the four divine beasts, the Youtuber went straight on ahead to fight Ganon on his own terms.

PointCrow did allow himself some leeway though. There is some wiggle room between “never walking or running” such as swimming, jumping forward and backwards, and using whatever tool Link had at his disposal to beat Ganon. Despite this, the challenge is still incredibly tough. PointCrow no doubt has incredible amounts of patience to beat the game without ever taking a step.

Source: GamesRadar