Can you drive in Dead Island 2?

Eager to drive through a zombie horde?

The ability to drive in Dead Island 2 would be an interesting mechanic for several reasons. Not only would it help cut down on walking, but running zombies over is also pretty fun. So it’s a question why characters characters don’t ride about in vehicles more often and mow down the horde. As such, is it possible to drive in Dead Island 2? Here’s what you need to know.

Can you drive in Dead Island 2?

No, you can’t drive a car in Dead Island 2. The game’s roads are blocked by other vehicles making it impossible to drive around and the game just won’t let you enter cars at all.

The game actually entertains this early on as the characters ask why they can’t just drive away from the infected city. They can’t because the cars have piled up making it impossible to travel by vehicle. Not to mention dangerous if they attract too many zombies with the noise and wind up stuck.

Although it may seem like you’ll be able to drive in Dead Island 2 because the game is semi-open world, that’s not the case. Although you could drive around in the first game, the ability to do so is strangely absent in the second. We didn’t get a chance to drive around anything in the review copy we were provided.

Can you drive in Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2, you can only travel around on foot. It’s a bit of a shame and feels like a step back from its predecessor, but you’ll be able to better appreciate the scenery on foot. Of course there’s no running down zombies so that might be disappointing if you were hoping.

This explains if you can drive in Dead Island 2. We hope this article was informative. You can also check out our Dead Island 2 – Review for our thoughts on the game.