Castle Gate Blue Medallions Locations Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to find and destroy all the blue medallions found in the Castle Gate area (Chapter 7).

Castle Gate Blue Medallions Locations Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 Request Note in Resident Evil 4 Remake tasks players to search through some hidden areas situated around the Castle Gate in the Castle region. The reward for completing this request is 5 Spinels, which can be used at the Merchant to buy rare items and modifications.

This guide is the third in the series of Blue Request notes for destroying medallions. Read on and we’ll show you exactly where to find and destroy all Blue Medallions in the Castle Gate area of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to Complete Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 Request - Resident Evil 4 Remake

There are a total of 6 Blue Medallions you need to destroy in the Castle Gate area, and once you do find one, you simply have to shoot it using any gun in order to destroy it and count towards your objective. Keep in mind that if you destroy a blue medallion before obtaining the blue request note, your progress toward the objective will still be counted when you do get the note.

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You can pick up the “Destroy the Blue Medallions 3” request note to the left of the Castle Door’s entrance. As such, we’ve listed down all the Blue Medallion locations scattered throughout the Castle Gate area below:

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #1

After picking up the note, turn around and head down the staircase, then look to your left over a small temple with a green roof next to the cannon. You’ll spot the medallion dangling from a window. Use your sniper rifle so you can shoot it from afar.

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #2

From where you destroyed the first medallion, head to your right, past a small bridge, then move to your left a bit until you encounter an archway. Look up, and you’ll find the medallion dangling through a hole in the archway.

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #3

Now, move past the archway and turn left to enter a small wooden door. Past the door, immediately look up to your right, and you’ll spot the medallion hanging under a wooden plank.

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #4

Castle Gate Blue Medallion 4 - Resident Evil 4 Remake

After destroying the third medallion, simply look to your left, and you’ll spot the fourth medallion on the wall, next to a red chest.

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #5

From the wooden door you entered (medallion 3), go left, climb up a ledge, then follow the pathway to your left once again and stop on the wooden ramp next to the yellow ladder. From here, use your sniper rifle and zoom in on the tree past the stone pillar below you to find the medallion.

Castle Gate Blue Medallion #6

Now, go down the ladder and head inside the archway to your left, past the steel gate. This will bring you back to the building where the cannon was raised in order to destroy the catapults. Once inside, go around the spiral engine in the middle and look up to find the medallion hanging underneath the railings.

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