Chained Echoes Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's a helping hand for the Chained Echoes platinum trophy run. Hint, it's not too grueling.

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This is our Chained Echoes trophy guide. The game is a classic fantasy RPG complete with grand adventures, three warring factions, and flying airships. Oh, and did I forget to mention that piloted mechs are part of the game? The last part’s pretty important.

In this trophy guide, we’ll offer you some hints to help with your Platinum run for Chained Echoes. This will include a few pointers on tackling JRPGs, especially those that are inspired by 90s JRPGs.

Chained Echoes Trophy Guide


  • Platinum: Unlock all trophies


  • True King: Beat the game
  • God King: Slay the ultimate boss
  • Reward Cartel Boss: Complete the Reward Board


  • The Beginning: Finish the prologue
  • Act Racer: Finish act I
  • Next Steps: Finish act II
  • Bad Memories: Finish act III
  • One of Us: Find all recruits
  • A Blade Runner: Get all ultimate weapons
  • Reward Dealer: Get a Reward Board chain of over 120
  • Walking Killing Machine: Complete the bestiary
  • Endangered Species: Defeat all Unique Monsters
  • Side Tracker: Finish all side quests
  • Walking Library: Reall lore books.
  • Brutal Battler: Win 200 battles
  • Preacher Man: Find 12 Class Emblems
  • Uncanny Expertise: Learn all skills for Tomke
  • Skill Share: Learn all skills with all characters
  • Jack of All Trades: Master all Sky Armor weapons with one Sky Armor


  • Sky Champion: Reclaim your Sky Armor
  • Hitchcock was Right: Disturb 60 birds
  • Bargain Hunter: Buy all Deals
  • Reward Starter: Get a Reward Board chain of over 5
  • Reward Addict: Get a Reward Board chain of over 20
  • Reward Junkie: Get a Reward Board chain of over 40
  • Reward Mixer: Get a Reward Board chain of over 80
  • Ahoy ye Heartie: Join the Adventurer’s Guild
  • Infleeencer: Flee 42 times
  • Death to My Enemies: Win 50 battles
  • Winning Streak: Win 100 battles
  • Praying: Find a Class Emblem
  • Son of a Preacher Man: Find 6 Class Emblems
  • Oh Crab!: Find the Crab Village
  • The Platypus’ Mind: Find the platypus gang’s treasure
  • Customer is King: Sell 1 piece of crap
  • Class Master: Master a Class Emblem skill
  • Master of One: Master a Sky Armor weapon

There are in total 38 trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 3 Gold Trophies
  • 16 Silver Trophies
  • 18 Bronze Trophies

To our knowledge, there are no hidden trophies.

As common in most JRPGs, the trophy list consists of a quarter of story-related trophies and the rest for playing the game to completion and taking down the final, final boss.

The Hitchcock was Right bronze trophy is probably going to be the easiest trophy you’re going to earn for this game, besides finishing the prologue. Disturbing 60 birds is no big deal, especially where you’re running around like a headless chicken.

The Reward line of trophies 4 bronze trophies, 1 silver, and 1 gold trophy. It is essentially an in-game achievement system that keeps track of your activities like treasure collected, enemies killed, and other stats. Keep playing and you’ll get that gold for completing the Reward Board.

The Walking Killing Machine, Endangered Species, Side Tracker, Preacher Man, and Walking Library silver trophies will require much of your attention. If you want these trophies in as short a time as possible, you either need some help or be very efficient when it comes to the process of elimination.

The Jack of All Trades trophies is going to require you to choose one favorite “mobile suit” and master all weapons that Sky Armor uses.

It’s one thing to get the True King gold trophy, it’s a completely different matter when the God King trophy requires you to slay the “Ultimate” boss. Every JRPG alarm bell is ringing right now. This is practically telling to me to grind my heart out and loot every single piece of legendary gear not nailed to the floor. Might as well get the Blade Runner silver trophy out of the way as well.

As JRPGs go, this trophy list is very reasonable. There aren’t any trophies that will require you to play the game multiple times and some of those annoying QTEs. It’s going to take a chunk of time. Hopefully, you don’t lose motivation too quickly.

Expected completion time – more or less 50 hours.

And that’s it for this trophy guide. As an old gamer, I can truly say that they don’t make these anymore. The quality ones, not the stuff some people make over the weekend and just drop on Steam. Oh well, happy hunting.

Check out the official trailer for Chained Echoes from the developer’s YouTube channel.

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