Chip Shortage to Continue Affecting Gaming Consoles Until Next Year

This means there won't be a lot of manufactured next-gen consoles next year as well.

Toshiba Corp. has recently confirmed that the chip shortage will continue to affect all gaming consoles until the end of next year.

A new Bloomberg report revealed that Toshiba Corp. has confirmed that the chip shortage will most likely continue through the end of 2022. This is one of the major companies that manufacture power-regulating chips that are found in gaming consoles, graphics cards, and other devices.

It was reported by media outlet IGN previously that company Intel claims that the chip shortage will continue by 2023. Takeshi Kamebuchi, the Director of Toshiba Corp. shared to Bloomberg that the supply of chips will continue to be quite slim until at least September 2022. He even said that their customers will not be fully served of all the chips they might require until 2023.

Bloomberg said that Toshiba is planning to invest a lot of capital starting this time until 2024 in its production. They plan to boost the output of its power semiconductors. Kamebuchi reasons that the shortage of material and the big demand for the chip is not making things any better. It just got way worse.