Chorus – How to find The Thief side mission guide

Chorus Thief Side mission

You’ll be tasked early on by Chorus with tracking down a thief who’s run off with three tons of high-grade spirit plutonium. It’s possible, however, that you’re still aimlessly wandering around the area, unsure of your next steps.

How to find The Thief in Chorus

For some time after you accept your first mission from Jora, you may be unsure of where to go. As you approach the marker, it will prompt you to use your Rite to detect the presence of any nearby trails.

A blue light streak can be found beneath the outpost if you look around. Use the blue light to navigate those massive boulders. In this way, you’ll find the thief.

As the ship carries that precious plutonium, Jora tells you to avoid shooting it. You gotta keep your chill sometimes. Keep following the thief’s red marker until the distance is reduced.

Make sure you are using your Sub-light Drive with the L3 button (or LS on Xbox) for as long as possible.

It’s at this point that the woman will begin speaking to you. When she explains her situation, it’s more complicated than it first appears. Only to find out that the thief is Jora’s mother, Nara will try to work things out with Sivid in order to get the situation under control.

Rewards for finding the Thief in Chorus

Upon finding out the identity of the thief, Jora, the security guard, will give you a Hull Fragment and 200 credits once that’s done.

How to get side missions in Chorus?

Side missions in Chorus are collected from characters in the world, whether they are ships, stations, AI terminals, memories, or any other type of character.

Sometimes the player will come across quest-givers or incidents that will set off a series of side missions for them to complete. In these, an overall story is told through a series of missions in which a high-profile target must be tracked down and eliminated, internal rivalries or disputes between factions come to light and must be resolved, and other such events take place.

Most side missions are narratively tied to the main tale, while other times they may introduce or flesh out a character, enhance the lore, or educate the player anything about the world of Chorus.

After completing side missions you will receive valuable rewards for completing side objectives, such as new weapons and upgrades to the hull/shield of your ship.

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