Citizen Sleeper Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some tips to help get the platinum in Citizen Sleeper

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The Xbox, Switch, and PC release Citizen Sleeper is reported coming to PlayStation consoles. We don’t have a release date yet but at the very least the trophy list has been released. The roleplaying game tells the story of a former corporate employee looking for a new life on a derelict space station.

In this trophy guide, we’ll give you some tips to help you get the Platinum for Citizen Sleeper. Being a game that’s already been out on other platforms for nearly a year, the strategies to get trophies should remain the same. It’s not very likely that the trophies will be any different from the Achievements.

There are 28 trophies to collect in Citizen Sleeper:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 8 Gold trophies
  • 3 Silver trophies
  • 16 Bronze trophies

Citizen Sleeper Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Citizen of the Eye: The station holds no more secrets for you

Gold Trophies

  • Grow Vast and Strange: Accept the offer, break the thread, and join the chorus
  • A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet: Leave the eye carried by someone else’s dream
  • The Three Body Problem: Stay and be a family
  • Left Behind: Let them go
  • Solo Ticket: Nothing will get in the way of your escape. Apart from you.
  • Warmth and Light: Turn away and follow the thread back home
  • Starward Passage: Set off to the starward belt, with a friend outrunning their shadow
  • The Fixed Stars: Everything can be repaired with enough time and effort

Silver Trophies

  • The Bad End: Find an old crew mate at the edge of the rim
  • For a Few Chits More: Witness a lifetime of bad decisions catching up with someone
  • Grow Your Own: Become self-sufficient through botany

Bronze Trophies

  • Bay View: Buy into the hub’s competitive repair market
  • Paid Off: Clear the debt and return a favour for your first friend on the eye
  • Story Eater: Trade food and stories with a local
  • Icebreaker: Crack the toughest security system on the eye
  • Insert Mind: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten out of a vending machine?
  • Good Robot: Help a friend and have fun with bun-bun
  • Remote Control: Stop the signal
  • The Running Game: Do whatever it takes to get that ticket
  • Free Spirit: Help a friend distill their future
  • Planned Obsolescence: Buy yourself some extra time, one vial at a time
  • Communist: Communist, noun. Someone who joins a commune
  • Spore Catcher: Putting those sample collecting skills to good use
  • Squatters Rights: Find a place and make it yours
  • Mindcraft: Build a shipmind from fragments
  • Fellow Traveller: Find a gird from someone like you. Hidden away
  • Loot Boxes: Steal three shipments just to see what’s inside

Hidden Trophies

  • Grow Vast and Strange
  • A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet
  • The Three Body Problem
  • Left Behind
  • Solo Ticket
  • Warmth and Light
  • Starward Passage
  • The Fixed Stars

The Platinum trophy run for Citizen Sleeper is going to be a chill one. You will need to do a couple or so playthroughs to unlock all endings. It’s going to require you to have one save file as a return point to get one set of endings. Once you have those endings, you’ll need to make another run to get the rest of the locked endings.

As far as we know, you can get all the endings in one playthrough with the exception of the Solo Ticket and Three Body Problem Gold trophies. These trophies are part of a completely incompatible route.

The For a Few Chits More Silver trophy is one of the few trophies you can accidentally lock yourself out of. If your character disables their tracker before completing the quest line you will be locked out of the trophy entirely. Another one is the Loot Boxes Bronze trophy. But it’s more on RNG than anything else. During your bid to steal three boxes from the Maglev train, if you fail the skill roll, security will ramp up and you’ll lose your chance for three boxes.

Finding a place for yourself that doesn’t require you to pledge loyalty to a fraction is tough. To unlock the Squatters Rights trophy, you need to find the apartment in Lowview and fix it up to make it liveable. It’s going to require you to deposit at least five scraps and a bit of time until it is ready for habitation.

The Insert Mind Bronze trophy is kind of a weird one. It involves you inserting a shipmind into a vending machine that contains AI. You will need to explore the docking area and unlock the sealed door with encryption keys.

A lot of endings revolve around major decisions. This is pretty common in choice-based games. Some major decisions are growing mushrooms and going the botanical route, helping Bliss repair the Amber, and getting the pass to the Sidreal Horizon and deciding to board or not. The rest of the story-based trophies you can check off on the way to getting the different endings.

Check out the Citizen Sleeper trailer courtesy of Publisher Fellow Traveller.

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