Civilization VI New Ethiopia Pack Introduces Secret Societies Adding Vampires

Civilization VI

Popular civilization building simulator Civilization VI officially reveals the release date of the upcoming new Ethiopia Pack and the units it will add to the game.

The Ethiopia Pack DLC will be launching on July 23. New details were revealed together with the release date and it looks to be quite an interesting add on for the game.

For starters, the civilization of Ethiopia will be added to the game, which is a diplomacy-focused district. It is a religion-focused civilization that gets bonus faith from international trade routes. It will also introduce the new Diplomatic Quarter district, which gives additional culture for delegations and embassies from foreign civilizations. It also gives the benefit of reducing the level of spies targeting adjacent districts.

Aside from that, the DLC will add a new game mode called Secret Societies. It will add alchemy, eldritch cultists, and surprisingly vampires. This is a separate mode like the Apocalypse one, but this will only be available for players who have Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall. They will be invited to these secret organizations, but once they choose one, they will have that permanently for the rest of the game.

Here are the different groups:

• The Owls of Minerva – Hidden group of oligarchs controlling the economy from behind the scenes. Get access to the Gilded Vault building.
• Hermetic Order – Find magic ley lines offering adjacency bonuses. University will be replaced by alchemical society.
• Voidsingers – Become an old god worshipper. Replace the monument with old god obelisk adding additional faith bonus and more great work slots.
• Sanguine Pack – Recruit vampire unit that gets bonus combat strength as adjacent units die. Vampires get reduced to one HP instead of dying and can heal back up by pillaging.

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