Classic Multiplayer Military Shooter Delta Force Comeback Teased

The classic is coming back and with modern resources!

Developer TiMi Studio Group has recently teased the comeback of Delta Force, the popular classic multiplayer military shooter that debuted on PC many years ago.

According to the studio, the new game will be cross-platform that will span PC, consoles, and mobile. It will be revealed fully this coming Gamescom Opening Night Live next week.

Large-scale multiplayer will still be in this new version which is being teased in the gameplay trailer shown in this article. IGN recently got in touch with the development team and there are some interesting details that they shared.

“Our team has always been interested in creating realistic military-themed shooter games,” said producer Shadow Guo. “As the producer, my first FPS game was Delta Force, and it left a lasting impression on me. Delta Force was celebrated for its realistic depiction of open-world combat, large-scale multiplayer PVP, and its portrayal of “Tip of the Spear” Special Operations Forces. Even today, these features continue to have immense appeal and there remains potential for more innovation. We hope to show the evolution of these features, while carrying on the legacy of the gameplay pillars. That’s why we decided to reboot the Delta Force franchise. We’re proud to carry on that tradition and create a large, dangerous, and unpredictable world, where you need to complete various missions, face challenges, and earn rewards.”

IGN asked about the tone and feel of the new Delta Force and Guo said this: “Our objective is to uphold the authentic essence of the original Delta Force game while infusing a near-future flavor from both artistic and narrative perspectives. To achieve this, we developed the overarching storyline with realistic themes, employed real-life actors for character building, utilized photogrammetry for 3D world creation, captured tactical movements from military professionals, and sought guidance from former Special Forces personnel to ensure an authentic tone of resolute realism and professionalism within the military theme.

“In addition, our campaign mode is based on the movie “Black Hawk Down.” Players will be able to experience authentic and thrilling battles from the celebrated movie. Our team has extensively studied the movie and delved into the historical context respectfully. This dedicated research enabled us to recreate a truly authentic and immersive gaming experience that captures the essence of that monumental event.”

Guo revealed that the new Delta Force will still be the large-scale PvP multiplayer just like the original 1998 game. He even stated that it will be larger than the previous 32-player limit. The team designed a variety of methods for engagement and maps that integrate diverse terrain features like vertical height differences and caves plus different vehicle routes.

The team also made unique, technologically advanced vehicles that players can drive in the game. These will include helicopters, assault vehicles, attack boats, armored vehicles, jeeps, terrain vehicles, fighter jets, jeeps, pickups, and drones.

More details will be revealed next week.