Color Mania Out Now for Android and iOS

zuHapps, a mobile app developer from India, released a new puzzle game titled ‘Color Mania Puzzle’ in Android and iOS Market. The goal of the game is to find the mismatched color out of a series of tiles while a timer at the top of the screen counts down from sixty seconds. The game becomes increasingly difficult as the player progresses through the levels and more tiles appear upon the screen.

Color Mania Puzzle tests the player’s perception of colors and how quickly they react to the one singular differing hue that appears on every new level of the game. The player gains one point for each level that is successfully passed; the player loses a point if they do not select the correct tile quickly enough.

Gameplay Trailer:

Below are some of the common features of Color Mania Puzzle game:

  • Colour Mania Puzzle is an easy to play, addictive and fun puzzle game for all ages
  • Player can share puzzle score and can challenge friends
  • Test the color sense and matching block skills
  • Use hints while stuck at any puzzle levels


Color Mania Puzzle can be downloaded ( from Android and iOS Markets for free.