Company of Heroes 3 Delayed to Early 2023

Relic Entertainment also shares the things they have already implemented.

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have recently made the announcement of Company of Heroes 3 delayed.

Company of Heroes 3 Delayed to Next Year

The developers have made the decision to move the launch to a later date instead of the original plan, which was November 17, 2022. They revealed that the game is still not quite up to their players’ or their own high standards. They have found many bugs so they need to fix those. They also have to tweak some visuals, improve the gameplay, and especially feedback that they have to address after the previous beta tests.

New Launch Date

The new launch date for Company of Heroes 3 is now February 23, 2023. The developers think this is the best course of action for their players and studio. They will use the testers’ feedback to make the game’s important changes.

Changes Already Made

Check out the many features, improvements, and adjustments that got implemented in the game recently:

  • Improvements to the Dynamic Campaign Map, such as a new supply system, UI improvements, a more aggressive A.I., and faster travel across the map through seaport and airport improvements.   
  • Adding a stronger focus on visual grit and details during battles, by improving shader technology and FX. A great example of improved visual grit is the new vehicle weathering system that we’ve implemented, seeing vehicles now slowly accrue more dirt and mud based on the terrain they are navigating through. You will see more impact damage, scarring, burning and damage on their vehicles as you progress on the battlefield. 
  • Overhauling the lighting system to provide higher fidelity and to ensure clear unit readability  
  • Enhancing moment-to-moment gameplay by making changes to the camera positioning and providing clearer mini map information. Changes are still being made to the HUD layout and the UI.
  • Seeing players experiment with the Multiplayer Pre-Alpha in November 2021 really helped the team make significant improvements to Battlegroups, their upgrade trees, units, and call-in abilities.  
  • Reviewing and improving parts of voice-over lines to ensure they are authentic to specific characters and their native accents featured in the game. 

“Working with the CoH -Dev community over the past few years has been a particularly rewarding experience, and we are extremely grateful for all of their contributions to CoH3 thus far,” said Justin Dowdeswell, General Manager for Relic Entertainment. “We want to deliver the most complete and immersive gaming experience in the history of the franchise, and that’s why we need some extra time to fix bugs, balance and polish the game to ensure players the best possible experience at launch. “

company of heroes 3 delayed

Company of Heroes 3 delayed to February 23, 2023 on PC.

Source: Press Release