Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Coming to Steam Soon

Try it out for a limited time only!

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have recently announced the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer pre-alpha launch and the pre-load schedule.

Players can now pre-load the upcoming multiplayer pre-alpha of COH 3 starting today and play it tomorrow before its full release next year. They can now head to the official website, to join CoH-Development.

According to the latest press release, the multiplayer pre-alpha will allow players to try the online multiplayer mode of the game and get a first preview of its multiplayer gameplay. They can try out four Italian maps in a variety of game modes including co-op vs AI opponents, competitive PvP, and Skirmish vs AI. They can also try out new and familiar features like Full Tactical Pause in skirmish mode, vehicle side armor, verticality, battlegroups, and Veterancy.

There are two classic factions that make their return, which are the US forces and The Wehrmacht. Each of them will bring their own unique and game-changing abilities to the battlefield. More factions will be announced later on until the official launch. The developers have promised that there will be more content than its predecessors.

The pre-alpha preview had already produced tons of valuable feedback from the testers last summer 2021. This time around, they are hoping for important details from feedback of the upcoming multiplayer pre-alpha to ensure the biggest and best multiplayer experience at launch.

The multiplayer pre-alpha is now available for pre-load on Steam right now. It will be playable on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 5 PM GMT until Tuesday, December 7, 2021 4 AM GMT. Those who have a COH-Development account and has played the first pre-alpha can just go to their Steam library, pre-load the multiplayer pre-alpha and wait for it to be launched tomorrow. Sign up to COH-Development for free here if you are new players and link their Steam account in order to gain access tomorrow.

Company of Heroes 3 launches next year for PC.

Source: Press Release

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