Control PS4 Game Save Upgrading to Ultimate Edition on PS5 is a Big Hassle


Game publisher 505 Games recently shed light on how players could upgrade their Control PS4 game save to the Ultimate Edition on PS5, but it looks to be a big hassle on the players’ part.

Say what? – Alan Wake

Control fan cormack12 posted this exchange with a 505 Games customer service representative on NeoGAF recently, sharing how “complicated” the process would be.

505 Games support says:

Unfortunately, save-data from the base PS4 game isn’t compatible with the PS5 Ultimate Edition.

The PS4 base game saves are compatible with the PS4 Ultimate Edition, however. Additionally, the PS4 Ultimate Edition is eligible for the free PS5 upgrade, in which the save data will be compatible.

So in short, players will need to upgrade from PS4 base game to PS4 Ultimate Edition then free upgrade to PS5 Ultimate Edition to make those saves compatible. The amount of steps done from point A to point C is a big hassle for a player who cannot conveniently just import the PS4 base game save directly to the PS5 Ultimate Edition.

If you are planning to transfer your saves from base game to Ultimate Edition for PS5, know the long process of doing so.

Control: Ultimate Edition is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are coming later.