Control Second Expansion AWE Available Today on PS4 and Xbox One


Game developer Remedy Entertainment recently announced the launch of video game Control’s second and final expansion titled AWE.


The AWE expansion is now available to download today for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

AWE will take Bureau Director Jesse Faden to the Investigations Sector of the Oldest House, where the Federal Bureau of Control closely examines Altered World Events (AWE) – happenings where paranatural forces breach our world with sometimes grave consequences. The expansion, which becomes available following the completion of the seventh main mission (“The Face of the Enemy”) in the campaign, will require players to enter the Investigations Sector and confront the creature lurking within this long-abandoned part of the Bureau. To reclaim the Investigations Sector from its clutches, Jesse will need to explore the Altered World Events investigated here, including one from the town of Bright Falls where Jesse learns more about the disappearance of the writer Alan Wake.

Control’s Game Director Mikael Kasurinen stated:

With AWE, we demonstrate Remedy’s unique way of telling stories that span across multiple games and experiences. It might be an end to one story, but it is also the beginning of something new, filled with potential and possibilities. We are really happy at having been able to bring players on Jesse’s journey and think players will be excited by what AWE offers.

Aside from the launch of AWE, a free August update was recently released to all owners of the main game. It brings a lot of improvements like Assist Mode, the Multi-Launch upgrade for the Launch ability, and additional checkpoints for some of the more challenging combat encounters towards the end of the main story campaign.

There will be added Control Points closer to the boss fights with Mold-1, the Anchor and esseJ. Players are encouraged the restart their gaming hardware after downloading the update before playing.

Digital Deluxe version owners and Season Pass holders can get the AWE expansion today. The expansion can be bought for only $14.99.

Control Ultimate Edition will launch digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC from the Epic Games Store on Thursday, September 10. 505 Games will launch a physical retail version of Control Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, October 20. Pre-orders are available now at retailers worldwide.

Source: Press Release