Coral Island: How to Produce Hay

Learn to save time and money in Coral Island by producing hay right inside the farm.

Hay is a consumable product in Coral Island and is given to farm animals as their main source of food. It can be easily obtained by chopping grass from the forest or by purchasing it from the ranch. But being able to simply grow and get hay from the farm itself will save time and money. Read ahead as we show the steps on how to produce Hay in Coral Island.

Purchase Grass Starters - How to Produce Hay in Coral Island

Step 1: Purchase Grass Starters

Grass Starters can be purchased from Sam’s General Store for 10 coins per bag. A bag can be used on a single untilled farm soil square, and it can be planted in any season; however, grass dies off slowly during the winter. It is best to have them planted on a plot of soil that is close to barns, as just the grass could serve as a food source for animals if they are let out.

Coral Island Hay cover

Step 2: Cut the grass with the sickle

Use your sickle to cut the grown grass, and it will produce hay. The hay you obtained can be stored in your inventory or in your Silo, if you have one built on your farm. Hay stored in the Silo can be obtained from the hay dispensers inside the barns, or it can be automatically dispensed via the automatic feeders. Cleaning up the farm at the start of the game is a good way to get an early stock of hay since it is overgrown with grass.

Alternatively, fiber can be converted into hay with the use of a Dehydrator. The conversion takes a few minutes, so it is best to use this method as a backup only. The grass in the forest areas is also a good source of free hay, as it regrows after a few days.

That explains how to produce Hay in Coral Island. If you’re looking for more tutorials and walkthroughs, feel free to check them out on our main page for Coral Island.