Coral Island Seeds: where to get & how to get more

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Seeds are one of the most important resources in Coral Island. Without seeds, there won’t be any plants to place in the farm, thus thee won’t be anything to harvest. The good thing is that they are not a scarce resource in the island and one can buy some in the store. However, beginner farmers will only be able to choose from a limited variety of seeds. But, there is a way to get more kinds of seeds even on the very first season.

In this guide, we will talk about where to get and how to unlock more kinds of plant seeds in Coral Island.

Donate insects, fishes, gems, and artifacts to the Museum

Where to get Coral Island Seeds

Mayor Connor will give you some Turnip Seeds to help you get started with farming. However, if you run out of seeds, you’ll need to find another source. Visit Sam’s General Store in Starlet Town to acquire the seeds. From your house, head east to Starlet Town. You can’t miss the Sam’s General Store building when you get there.

If you enter the shop and have a chat with Sam, he’ll give you a few choices. To browse the goods that Sam is offering for sale, go to the Shop menu. Sam offers a wide variety of food and farming products for sale. Sam’s sales are not capped, so you can buy hundreds of seeds all at once and immediately begin cultivating them on your farm.

How to get more Plant Seeds in Coral Island

The way to get more kinds of plant seeds in Sam’s General Store is not really obviously mentioned in the first dialogues and cutscenes of the game, but the steps are simple.

The island’s rank or rating can be seen inside the Community Center

To unlock new kinds of seeds, all you need to do is to level up the island’s rating by filling up the Museum’s collection. The island’s rating will start off at F, but as you donate more collectibles like insects, fishes, gems, and artifacts in the Museum, the rating will slowly go up as well. By the time you have donated at least 20 different items, the rating should have also gone up to E.

At this point, you can visit the general store and you’ll arrive at a cutscene where Sam tells you that he will be selling more kinds of seeds moving forward.

The seeds that will be available in the store are also seasonal crops that will add more variety to your harvests. There will also be seeds that produce crops needed for certain things such as the Cucumber which is one of the crops preferred by the Grantle that blocks some areas in the sea.

How to plant seeds in Coral Island?

During the tutorial, you are given a mission called “Starting,” in which you are instructed to plant seeds and care for them by watering them and tending to the soil.

When you first enter the field, you’ll notice that it’s a complete mess, so you’ll have to take care of clearing some plots so that you can plant seeds.

At the beginning of the game, you are also given the tools you’ll need to begin planting. This requires the use of an ax to fell trees and a sickle to collect debris, as well as a pickaxe to smash boulders and rocks, from which you can then potentially create or sell additional items.

After the land has been cleared, you can use the hoe to till it and plant seeds:

  1. To start planting seeds in Coral Island, choose a bag of seeds from the stock.
  2. Locate an appropriate spot to plant them.
  3. Water the seeds with a watering can.

Once you know how to plant the seeds, wait for the harvest, and if you also want to sell your harvest, you have to go back to Sam’s General Store.

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