Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Leak Harmless Valve Confirms


Game company Valve recently gave a statement in regards to the recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive source code leak.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive source code leak nothing to worry

In a recent tweet by the official game, Valve has confirmed that after reviewing the leaked code, the developers believe it is harmless. It was a reposting of a limited CS: GO engine code depot that was released to partners way back in late 2017. They have assured the players that there is nothing to be scared of.

The game company recommends players of the popular online multiplayer game to play on official servers only. These servers have the greatest security, they stated. Should anyone find something weird happening with their gameplay, Valve is asking players to report it immediately. The developers assured players they are monitoring the situation.

It is a good thing that this source code leak got clarified as many players (like myself) was scared of the consequences. There was also that unauthorized access on Nintendo accounts recently, so everyone is jumpy.

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