Creative Assembly Makers of Alien Isolation and Total War Now Working on New Sci-Fi FPS Game

It could be another masterpiece.

Creative Assembly, the developers of Alien Isolation and Total War is currently working ono a new Sci-Fi FPS title.

Another sci-fi title is going to be revealed soon and it is going to be from the makers of Alien Isolation, which is a very successful sci-fi FPS horror game. It could be another sci-fi masterpiece since it is from this studio.

According to the new information via GamesRadar, there is still no name for this upcoming title and there is no release window as of yet. There are statements from Creative Assembly’s Studio Director Gareth Edmondson and Creative Director Alistair Hope about the upcoming game. Hope says that this new project of theirs will boast a “drive for attention to detail and authenticity” and understanding the source material.

Edmondson interestingly said that the IP for the game they are creating right now is new. He also revealed that it is a world that they are creating on their own.

With the statements from both executives, fans have now theorized that instead of a whole new universe, Creative Assembly is creating a new setting for an existing product and that is the new game. Since it is sci-fi, and Creative Assembly is known for its Warhammer titles, then it could be a game in Warhammer 40k setting.

Last year, Creative Assembly teased this new game of theirs with an image that featured references to SEGA properties like Jet Set Radio and Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA did announce it is reviving its old franchises like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio, so Creative Assembly could be a part of that, but with its reputation of creating Alien Isolation, it is quite unlikely.

Whatever this new game is, Creative Assembly will be sure to deliver.

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