Criterion Wants To Give That ‘Magic Moment’ In Star Wars Battlefront II To The Players

I would be very okay with a free to play Battlefront 2 where Boba Fett and his ship were paywalled - so long as Luke and Yoda were free up front.

Star Wars Battlefront II is 2 more months away, while the open beta slowly getting out from hyperspace in a week. We’re all excited what DICE and Criterion have to offer in their Battlefront reboot sequel and that it won’t fall into the Death Star core like the first entry.

There are high expectations from fans of the game and the franchise, with EA ditching the paid DLC content for Star Wars Battlefront II, there might be a chance of the game turning from the Dark Side of the Force to the light.

Rob Wyle, the producer over at Criterion, said in an interview with OXM UK (November 2017 Issue) that they’re going to make Starfighter Assault feel more epic and ‘much more like a Star Wars battle’.

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“The one thing we really wanted to do with Starfighter Assault was make it feel much more epic and much more like a Star Wars battle, with a little bit of a story in.”[/alert]

Wyle also added that the levels will have a narrative that could have been in the Star Wars films.

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“So the levels do have a narrative in, they are something that could have been in a Star Wars movie – the attack on the dock at Fondor, for example, is based around that idea.”[/alert]

The Fighter Squadron mode in Star Wars Battlefront felt more limited that we don’t really have control over the ships. However, Wyle stated that in Star Wars Battlefront II players will have more control with the ships and do ‘Star Wars-like moments’ styles in the game.

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“You’ve got full roll control over the ship now that will allow you to create really emergent Star Wars -like moments: you’ll be weaving through the dock, avoiding a TIE fighter’s fire… which is something you might not have had the control you needed to do that in the previous game.”[/alert]

Wyle and his team are putting all their focus in improving team play in Starfighter Assault to achieve that magic moment for players to experience while playing with their friends.

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“A couple of other bits of teamplay you’ll find in Starfighters as well: there are Avenger and Saviour bonuses – so if someone in your flight is being attacked and you manage to take down the person who’s attacking them, we’ll give you a bonus (as well as the person you’ve saved!). Likewise, if they get taken down, you can chase down the person that killed them and you’ll get an Avenger bonus.

It’s great gameplay there – for us to try and reinforce team play in order to push on the objective and make the battle feel more like a battle – but it’s also a great Star Wars play. If we can encourage players in a flight of four Y-wings to stay together and do a bombing run, that’s going to feel like a magic moment.”[/alert]

Currently, the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront is currently free on PSN and Xbox Live until October 5.

Star Wars Battlefront II will launch on November 17 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The open beta will start on October 6 – for those who pre-ordered the game will have 2 days earlier access to the beta.