Cult of The Lamb Guide: What to Do With Dead Bodies

What to Do with Dead Bodies Guide in Cult of the Lamb

A clean cult leads to a less messy cult. That is one of the most important things to remember when managing the sanitation of your cult in The Cult of The Lamb. One of the things to keep sanitation clean and fresh is figuring out what to do with dead bodies in Cult of The Lamb.

In Cult of the Lamb, there will be times when some of your cult members die from different reasons such as sacrifice, getting sick & even dying from old age. As such, the best thing to make the cult less messy is trying to figure out what to do with the dead bodies in Cult of The Lamb.

How To Bury Dead Bodies in Cult of The Lamb

Once a body pit is built and a member dies, players must do the following tasks:

  1. Go near the corpse of a cult member
  2. Select the ‘Prepare for Burial’ option & watch an animation of the wrapping of the corpse into a mummy-like figure.
  3. Bring the corpse to the Body Pit & Select ‘Bury Body
  4. (Optional though highly recommended) Perform a Funeral Ritual over the buried body to boost the cult’s faith

Usually, dead bodies left alone in the cult will lead to a serious mishap in health deterioration in which members near the dead bodies will become sick. To ensure that won’t happen, players are required to build a body pit.

A Body Pit is one of the earliest structures that can be developed in the early part of the game. To construct the body pit will require at least 4 Woods & 8 Coins. Doing so will unlock the Prepare the Burial option that will help in building up the faith of your members.

How To Resurrect the Dead in Cult of The Lamb

Avoiding dead cult members is another thing to do though it may seem impossible, dead is not always dead in Cult of The Dead. There is a certain ritual that can help players revive their loyal followers called the Revival Ritual.

To unlock this Ritual, players will need at least 2 Stone Tablets. These tablets are easy to gather by either managing the town a player looks after or through Crusading. I feel the easiest between the two would be Crusading because the tablets can be found after defeating the main bosses of each Crusade. But if players want to get Stone Tablets through town management, the best way would be to increase a member’s loyalty through gifts or by blessing a follower. When the loyalty rank of a member is increased, you will receive a stone tablet.

After unlocking the requirements to unlock the Revival Ritual, go to the Church and submit a DOCTRINE. Select the Second Tier of Afterlife and unlock the Revival Ritual. Once unlocked, players will gain the ability to raise the dead at the cost of 75 Bones & -15 Faith.

Benefits from Raising the Dead in Cult of The Lamb

Reviving the dead will have a certain degree of benefits. One of which is that their loyalty rank of revived remains the same as when they died. Not only their life clock resets making them younger and will have them last longer as players progress through the game. However, when using the ritual to raise the dead, there is a cool-down timer meaning players must wait until the timer resets so management and proper timing to use this ritual is a must.

Check out this video guide below made by Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank) to see not only how to bury dead bodies but other tips and tricks needed to survive in Cult of The Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 & PC via Steam. For More guides, please visit Sirus Gaming’s website to explore the world of Cult of The Lamb.