Dave Bautista Still Wants to Play Gears of War Character in Netflix Adaptation

The desire is strong!

In a new post online, popular actor and former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista has expressed his eagerness to take on the role of the protagonist of Gears of War in the Netflix live-action adaptation.

After the big announcement of the live-action and anime series adaptation for Netflix, Bautista posted on his Twitter account about his intention to take on the role of Marcus Fenix. He posted a clip of his involvement with the franchise in Gears of War 5 with the caption “can’t make this any easier”. He also tagged Netflix and Gears of War Twitter accounts to make sure.

In the past, Bautista was invited to a studio in order to talk about the Fast and the Furious franchise. He instead talked about taking on a role for Gears of War.

The lead designer of the first three installments of Gears of Wars franchise, Cliff Bleszinski has also felt the same way that Bautista should take on the role of Marcus Fenix. He even said in a tweet that if he was going to choose the actor, his first choice would be Bautista.

Bleszinski also said that he wants Chris Pratt to stay away from the franchise. Maybe Chris has taken too many roles already for him.