Dave the Diver: How to Beat the Hermit Crab

Dave the Diver Hermit Crab featured image

Exploring the deep oceans of Dave the Diver inevitably makes you meet monsters like the Hermit Crab who are hostile to you. This boss fight will push you to perform at your absolute best, as the Hermit Crab can’t be damaged by your conventional weapons. You’ll have to think outside the box if you want to defeat this boss.

How to Beat the Hermit Crab in Dave the Diver?

You need to pick up explosive barrels from below the ocean floor and then drop them on top of the Hermit Crab until you beat it. The only way to get to those explosive barrels is to bait the Hermit Crab into attacking, where its claws will stick to the floor and uncover explosive barrels.

No other weapon in your arsenal will hurt the Hermit Crab. Its shell is too thick, and the dump truck on its back is protecting it. What makes this boss fight so hard is that you purposefully have to bait the Hermit Crab into attacking you and then get out of the way. Once you pick up the explosive barrel, either drop it on top of the Hermit Crab’s eyes or the dump truck.

Hermit Crab explosive barrels in Dave the Diver

To even encounter the Hermit Crab, you first have to finish “Duff’s Dream,” which is a quest you’ll get in Chapter 3. Afterwards, talk to Sato about the whirlpools that only happen on stormy nights. Come nighttime, look for whirlpools around the surface and then dive inside, and you’ll eventually encounter the Hermit Crab after being warned that you “sense a dangerous creature.”

The boss fight arena around the Hermit Crab is a small area. There aren’t a lot of places to move. The good news is that the Hermit Crab does telegraph its attacks, so you’ll know when to get out of the way. You’ll have to utilize the environment to your advantage by always making sure you have room to dodge.

After damaging the Hermit Crab enough times with explosive barrels, it’ll cover its eyes. From here on, you’ll have less time to damage it. Keep dropping explosive barrels on top of the Hermit crab, and the dump truck behind it will eventually explode, causing the boss to run away by digging into the ground. This marks the end of the boss fight.

That explains how you can beat the Hermit Crab boss. In the meantime, feel free to check out our other Dave the Diver articles here.