Dave the Diver: How to Catch Humboldt Squid

This guide talks about the Humboldt Squid and how to catch one in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Humboldt Squid cover

The Humboldt Squid is one of the various fish species that can be caught in Dave the Diver. It is a type of squid that can grow to the size of a full-grown man, and it’s also known to be aggressive in nature. Read ahead as we talk more about the Humboldt Squid and how to catch one in Dave the Diver.

Humboldt Squid Location in Dave the Diver

Humboldt Squids can be found in the Blue Hole Medium Depth, around 50m to 130m deep. They only appear at night, and they are usually seen swimming alone.

How to catch a Humboldt Squid in Dave the Diver

The best way to catch a Humboldt Squid is to use a Tranquilizer Rifle or a Tranquilizing Harpoon, then call on a drone to haul it back to the surface. Alternatively, it can be attacked and killed instead, earning you two carves from its carcass.

Humboldt Squids are aggressive squids that will attack once they spot you. More often than not, you will get into its QTE, where it wraps around you once you get within its range. Prepare to mash or wiggle from left to right until the meter is full, then look out for the button that you have to press to push away from the squid. Failing the QTE will result in lowered oxygen levels or getting caught in its poison cloud.

Once you capture a Humboldt Squid, you will be able to make the Humboldt Squid Sushi dish and include it on the menu.