Dave the Diver: How to Catch Tuna

How to catch tuna Dave the Diver cover image

You may find yourself wanting to catch tuna in Dave the Diver as ingredients for your sushi restaurant. It may surprise you to hear that it’s going to be trickier than expected to catch. You’ll find many of them zooming around during the tuna party event, but they’re fast and love to move around all the time. Read on, and this guide will teach you how to catch tuna in Dave the Diver.

How to Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver?

Memorize the pattern that the school of tuna is swimming in. Then place the Steel Sensor Net Trap directly in their path. When the tuna swim their route, the Steel Sensor Net Trap will capture those that swim through it. Swim over and hold the prompt button to call in your Salvage Drone to collect the tuna you’ve caught.

You need to get the Steel Sensor Net Trap, which is used to catch high-quality tuna fish, and then the Salvage Drone to catch tuna. These two pieces of equipment can be purchased from Cobra’s store after you’re notified about the tuna party event.

The moment you hear about the tuna party event in Dave the Diver, sometime around Chapter 3, tuna will rise in profits more than usual. That’s the best time to stock up on tuna for better profits. By this point, you probably don’t know how to catch tuna yet until you get the call immediately after from Cobra, who has equipment for you to catch tuna.

Dave the Diver tuna fish

The good news is that tuna aren’t hard to find since they usually show up in shallow areas. You don’t have to dive deep in order to find a school of tuna fish swimming around a fixed path. After catching a couple of live tuna, you can breed them on the Fish Farm. However, during the tuna party event, you’ll want to catch as many of them as you can.

An alternate method to catch the tuna is simply by killing them and collecting their bodies. We don’t recommend this method because you’ll get low-quality tuna fish to serve to your customers. It’s also harder this way. You can also use the upgraded Hush Dart, which requires two shots on the tuna fish to put them to sleep, if you’re looking for an alternate method to take them alive. We also don’t recommend this method as the tuna fish are too fast to land easy shots on.