Dave the Diver: How to Get the Pink Dolphin Photo

Dave the Diver pink dolphin featured image

A lot of players are frustrated with getting the Pink Dolphin Photo in Dave the Diver. In Chapter 2, you’ll get the chance to come across a pink dolphin, and the opportunity to take a clear photo of it is all yours. However, there are some players who aren’t able to get the Pink Dolphin Photo even though they’ve tried everything.

This guide will show you how to get the Pink Dolphin Photo and explain how to fix the bug causing it to not be taken.

How to Get the Pink Dolphin Photo in Dave the Diver?

To get the Pink Dolphin Photo, you have to take a clear picture at the center of the dolphin itself. You’ll get the bonus if you take a photo of the pink dolphin when it has the heart bubble next to it.

Taking the Pink Dolphin Photo is an optional side objective in Chapter 2, which you’re asked to do to raise awareness. You don’t need to take it in order to progress. However, those who want to complete all the optional side objectives are encountering a problem with this particular task.

The requirement to get the Pink Dolphin Photo is simple enough in Dave the Diver. The problem is that people aren’t getting this photograph or clearing it on their objectives lists even after fulfilling all of the above. This is because of a bug that may be happening with regards to getting the Pink Dolphin Photo.

How to Fix the Pink Dolphin Photo Bug?

To fix the Pink Dolphin Photo bug, you have to update Dave the Diver to its latest version on Steam. Developers MINTROCKET have already released a hotfix patch on Steam that addresses the issue, so you’ll be able to take a photo of the pink dolphin without any problems.

You can read the full patch notes that fixes the issue here. Among the bug fixes are listed that the issue where the Pink Dolphin Photo wasn’t being recorded properly have been fixed. This issue was just recent at the time of this writing, so it should be fixed when you download the latest patch.