Dave the Diver: How to Start the Dredge DLC

A guide on how to access the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver Dredge DLC cover

Dave the Diver and Dredge, two of 2023’s most popular fishing games, have collaborated in a Dave the Diver expansion where a familiar face and some mysterious hooded figures from Dredge have found themselves visiting the Great Blue Hole. Read ahead as we share the steps on how to play the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver.

How to Start the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

Before anything else, make sure to download the free Dredge DLC pack from your respective game stores. There is no need to start a new game after getting the DLC installed.

How to Start the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

Once the DLC has been installed, open up your Dave the Diver save file and make sure that you have progressed through the story up until you have completed the MC Sammy VIP mission and unlock the Chicken Coop for the farm.

From this point onwards, the Great Blue Hole will start getting foggy weather in the evening from time to time. On the first night, the Traveling Merchant from Dredge then pays a visit to the boat and will tell you about the aberrant fishes that started appearing on foggy nights within the hole. She will also give the Sky Fire light that the boat can use to navigate on foggy nights.

How to Start the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

Afterwards, you can then go to the ship’s controls and select the Explore option. This will switch the view similar to how the camera follows the boat in Dredge. You can then explore the Great Blue Hole’s surface and look for two points of interests: air bubbles from where you can dredge treasures from, and vortexes from where you can take a dive into the water.

How to Start the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

Since you can only take a dive once per night, it is best to go for the air bubbles first and get the treasures from them. Take note that diving will still consume a third of the evening.

Diving into these vortexes will have you encounter aberrant fishes. These strange fishes are mutated versions of common fishes, but most of them are aggressive. They can also be caught like regular fish and be made into special dishes in the sushi bar.

How to Start the Dredge DLC in Dave the Diver

If you decide to help out in the sushi bar on the same foggy night, you will get the hooded figures as guests. These hooded figures only eat dishes made from aberrant fishes and will stay on their seats and eat as much as they can throughout the night. You will still get regular customers coming in for regular dishes so make sure to have your menu set to cater both groups.

Since aberrant fishes aren’t like regular fishes and rot easily, any leftover aberrant fish will be bought by the Travelling Merchant. There are 34 new aberrated fishes to find and catch during these foggy nights.