Dave the Diver Limestone Cave Guide

This guide talks about the Limestone Cave and its features in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Limestone Cave cover

The Limestone Cave, also known as the Stalactite Cave, is a sub biome that can be visited in Dave the Diver. It is located within the medium depths of the Great Blue Hole, and it can be a treacherous place to venture in with all the strong currents and sharp spikes. Read ahead as we talk more about the Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver.

Limestone Cave Location

The Limestone Cave can usually be found within the 60m-120m depths in the middle of the ocean map. However, due to the changing nature of the map, it sometimes does not spawn, barring access to some creatures that can only be found within that biome.

There are also main missions that can keep the map from changing, like the one that spawns the cave. Save reloading can be done to cycle through and refresh the maps, as long as they are free and not locked. If the cave does not open for the day, then it’s best to try reloading on a later day or progressing through the story first; be mindful of any limited-time events.

Based on our testing, the initial spawn point of the map (Pink Corals, Blue Depths, or Kelp Forest) does not guarantee that the cave will spawn.

Limestone Cave Features

You will know that you have reached the Limestone Cave if you start seeing the rocks change to a teal hue, and then stalactites and stalagmites start appearing on them. Another feature that you’ll see are the spikes that deal contact damage, coupled with strong water currents that blow against them, although these features can also appear in the regular, non-stalactite version of the cave. Be careful when swimming near the currents, as they are so strong and their area of effect is wide; try to time your crossing during pauses and hide in safe corners behind rocks.

Limestone Cave Species

Some unique fish that you can find inside the Limestone Cave are the Atlantic Anglerfish, which is an aggressive fish, and the Zebra Seahorse. You can also find some increased blooms of White Spotted Jellyfish, as well as an increased spawn of Sea Grapes within the cave, two ingredients that are needed during the Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge.