Where to find Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver

Use this guide to Locate the Stalactite or Limestone Cave in Dave the Diver and learn why it doesn't always spawn in its normal spot.

Where to find Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver cover image

One of the most important locations is the Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver, which is more popularly known as the Limestone Cave. This area is story-related, and you’ll eventually come here to catch certain sea creatures that aren’t available anywhere else in the game. However, some might be having a hard time finding the Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver because of how deep and well hidden it is.

Read on as we show you where to find the Stalactite Cave, or Limestone Cave, in Dave the Diver and what to do if it doesn’t spawn.

Where to Find the Stalactite Cave in Dave the Diver?

The Stalactite Cave is at the center of the Blue Hole, which you’ll find 60 to 120 meters below. There is a closed area that you can enter, which will change the lighting to a greener color. The game will inform you that you’ve reached Limestone Cave, which is filled with stalactites.

There is a chance that the Stalactite Cave may not spawn, no matter how hard you look. This is either because you’re too early into the story or because it didn’t spawn on your dive. The Stalactite Cave sometimes doesn’t spawn due to the changing nature of Dave the Diver’s map. You’ll have to progress before you’re asked to specifically look for the Limestone Cave or come back another time.

Limestone Cave entryway - Dave the Diver

One of the missions where you’ll be asked to go to the Stalactite Cave is to blow up the Limestone Cave entrance so that you can get some artifacts for Dr. Bacon. So you’ll need to find the Stalactite Cave in order to progress with the main story of Dave the Diver. It’s in this area that you’ll get the artifacts so you can deliver evidence of the Sea People to the good doctor, who introduces you to how to upgrade your suit at Chapter 2.