Dave the Diver Marlins Location

This guide talks about where to spot and how to catch Marlin in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Marlin cover

Marlins are one of the fish that can be caught in Dave the Diver. This elusive fish is known for its sword-like snout and its sail fins. It swims at high speed not only to avoid being captured but also to impale anything that gets in its way. Read ahead as we share how to find and catch a Marlin in Dave the Diver.

Marlin Location

Marlins can be caught in the Blue Hole Shallows, and they are more likely to be seen swimming in schools of 3 to 5 within the 20m-50m depths during the day. Head towards the east side of the shallows, where there is a huge space for it to swim. Also, you will have to progress far trough Chapter 3 in the game when Cobra gives you the Steel Net Sensor Trap and the Underwater Drone.

Marlins are rare spawns, so you won’t see them every time; it’s best to check the shallows from time to time to increase your chances of spotting one. Look out for events such as the Marlin Party that increase their spawns, as this will almost guarantee that Marlins will spawn that day.

How to catch a Marlin

Because of how fast they swim, Marlins can deal contact damage if they hit you. They can still be caught using the harpoon, although it would take a few hits depending on the quality of your harpoon. The best way to catch them is by throwing in a Steel Net Sensor Trap that can catch one or more Marlins in one shot. You can then either call in your drone to haul them to the surface or shoot them with your harpoon to kill them.