Dave the Diver: Melt the Ice Puzzle Guide

Find out all the necessary steps on how to Melt the Ice in Dave the Diver with the help of this guide.

Dave the Diver Melt the Ice cover

Melt the Ice is a crucial objective in one of the main quests for Dave the Diver. As Dave explores the Glacial Passage, he stumbles upon a room with an icy floor and a huge mirror. Behind the ice appears to be the path to take, but Dave will have to find a way to melt it. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to Melt the Ice in Dave the Diver.

Melt the Ice Walkthrough

Once you arrive at the room with the huge mirror, continue moving to the room to the left. In this next room, you will have to work on navigating through the rotating wheels.

The first step is to go to the middle of the first wheel and turn it. Swim upwards and press the button to move the platform away and open up the lower level. Head back into the wheel and rotate it once.

Go to the lower level and use the Divine Tree Fruit to blind the Gadon, then press the button to move the platform on the upper left side.

Go up through the wheel and grab the fruit. Then, drop the fruit through the wheel. Go back to the wheel and rotate it once. You can then retrieve the fruit from below and take it through the wheel to melt the ice wall.

You will then arrive at a huge room with a receptacle on the other side. Place the fruit on the receptacle and it will reveal a mural. The receptacle will also shoot out a beam through the previous room and on to the huge mirror.

Head back to the first room. You won’t be able to do much at this point as there is a rock wedged on the mirror and you will need something to pry it off to make the mirror move.

Go back tot he surface and talk to Cobra. He will tell you about his crowbar, but he lost at sea. Dive back down and go to the shipwreck on the left side of the map, 100m deep. You will find some rocks piled up on the crowbar; move these rocks into the marked area. After doing so, you will be attacked by crabs. Grab the same rocks and drop them on to the crabs. Once it’s clear, grab the crowbar and head back into the mirror room.

Use the crowbar to pry the rock off the mirror. You can then move mirror and point it to the ice to melt it down and complete the objective.