Day 2: Best Cosplay Duo | ARCHCon 2017

It’s that time of the year where otakus and gamers alike… wait, this intro’s been done yesterday. And just like yesterday, ARCHCON 2017 hosted a cosplay competition, but this time, contestants pair up to impress the crowd. Even before the competition formally started on-stage, the participants were being judged by the way they acted as they interact with everyone off-stage.

After hours of thoroughly marking grades, the judges have decided the best three cosplay pairs for ARCHCON’s second day.

Second runner-ups: Fate/Grand Order duo (pair on the left), with the judges (group on the right)

Second Runner-Up: Joebert Cimafranca and Ara Catubigan, Fate/Grand Order

Everyone was in awe when they first appeared on-stage. The details in their armor were spot-on. The way they replicated Saber and Lancer’s fight scenes left some people to believe if they really were the voice actors behind the anime, with the way they did their lip-syncing.

First runner-ups: The Road to El Dorado duo (pair on the left), with the judges (group on the right)

First Runner-Up: Angelica and Paulette Norrie, The Road to El Dorado

Tulio and Miguel bribed the crowd with their golden (chocolate) coins to earn the spot. You know, like they always do. Even without the monies they’re sure to be on the top spot with their sing and dance routine which captured the crowd’s and judges’ hearts.

Champions: Hyrule Warriors duo (pair on the left), with the judges (group on the right)

Champion: Ranrick and Jearick Diaz, Hyrule Warriors (Twilight Princess Skin)

It’s Zelda! Just kidding, it’s Link and he just met his shadow, which is up to no good. Again! Out to kill Link, Ranrick and Jearick Diaz showed what it takes to be the best out of the nine pairs. With choreographed dance and fight scenes, script that’s wacky but serious, the duo had the crowd cheer in awe as Dark Link mirrored Link’s every move. It was this mimicry that had him fall off stage though – literally! Good use of props for comedic effect, too.

Only three stood out from the nine groups of cosplayers. However, there are some that actually made deserved a shoutout:


Honorable mention: TPA Shen and Shockblade Zed Chroma, League of Legends

Honorable mention: Allan Raymundo and John Maxino, League of Legends

This duo made the audience laugh with their antics. Their performance started with Teemo being brushed off-stage so the two can fight. And fight they did, with rap battle! They even went with so far as to include another fighting duo from another game – Hanzo and Genji from Overwatch. They quickly went back to their characters though, as Shen ultimately defeated Zed. However, what started with Teemo ended with Teemo as Shen stepped on one of the furry creature’s mines.


Honorable mention: Daenerys and Night King (with Viserion), Game of Thrones

Honorable mention: Geralden Morre and Paul Ybas, League of Legends

This group’s show focused on recreating Viserion’s death outside the North Wall and how Daenerys’ son became a dragon of the Night King. What was solemn became surprisingly funny as Daenerys suddenly belted out Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. And survive Viserion did, only as a dragon for another mother father King.

This competition was the last cosplay event for ARCHCON 2017. It was fun while it lasted, and people were actually hoping for more performances. Good thing there will be more for next year.