Days Gone Sequel Now Planned By Developer Bend Studio

Days Gone

Game developer Bend Studio recently teased a potential sequel for video game Days Gone at event Golden Joystick Awards.

Days Gone sequel might be in the works already

Bend Studio recently won two Golden Joystick awards in the recent awarding ceremony and got interviewed. Despite getting a fairly lukewarm reception at launch, the game they made became successful after a while and has topped sales charts around the globe. They then teased a potential sequel for the original game.

Studio director Chris Reese gave this statement:

Oh yeah, it is certainly a passion of ours, and that’s what we’ve always wanted to do. This is a world that we want to keep breathing more life into, and explore many, many different avenues. So who knows, we’ll see!

The studio’s next title is already in pre-production planning phase, which was revealed in a recently LinkedIn profile update. In senior staff lighting artist Jeremy Vickery’s resume, it revealed that he is also involved in the upcoming projects as well.

Job advertisements were recently revealed by Bend Studio a while back in June. They were looking for staff to work on an unannounced AAA game that will set the PlayStation 4 apart from the rest.

Source: GamesRadar

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