Days Gone PC Reportedly Tracks Player Behavior on their Computers

According to some reports, the PC version of Days Gone actually has some issues with its data collection policies and possibly invading privacy.

days gone

A Steam user has recently caught the game, while running, tracking every keystroke a player would make on their computer. This has a purpose, but this seems to be invading their privacy as well since it could track almost everything that a player does.

Reddit users have reported that the game could even collect data on folders and other contents regardless of file type. The worst part of this is that players could not actually turn this “feature” off.

This has a workaround, but it is not that perfect. Players could block the game with a firewall so that even if it will collect data, it would not able to transfer it to a server, which means it would all be useless. It still does not solve the issue of data collecting.

Game developer Bend Studio confirmed that this was a “feature” of the game because they wanted to prevent the use of cheats and hacks. The game community, in reply, complained since it is a single player game and it would be to their discretion if they use a cheat or not. There is no other player to cheat on with since it is a single player experience.

No word yet if this will get fixed.

Days Gone PC is now available on Steam. The original version is now available on PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Thanks IGN India!