Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier Lost & Found Quest Guide

Learn where to find Rainier and complete the Dead Island 2 Missing: Rainier Lost & Found Quest with the help of this guide.

Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier cover

Missing: Rainier is one of the various Lost & Found quests that can be done in Dead Island 2. Rainier was reported missing; his last known location was inside the lab, but he may not be the same as before.

Read ahead as we go through the steps to complete the Missing: Rainier Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

How to start the Missing: Rainier Lost & Found Quest in Dead Island 2?

Go to Serling Hotel to start the Missing: Rainier Lost & Found quest by the wall of missing people. This quest will appear once the main story campaign has been completed and the missing people board has an available slot.

Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier Walkthrough

First, you need to head to the lab. The lab where Rainier can be found is the same one where the events of The Search for Truth happened. Make your way northeast of Ocean Avenue, where the quest marker will be. Be prepared to face a horde as you enter the building, as plenty of enemies are immune to flame damage.

Missing Rainier Lost & Found Quest Walkthrough

Next, you need to defeat the Firestorm Slobber. Inside the lab are more enemies, including the Firestorm Slobber. Defeat the slobber and pick up the note it drops to know where Rainier’s next location is.

The note will tell you to go to Hollywood Boulevard. Make your way to the Metro station, then follow the marker down into the lower levels, where you will find a horde. You will also hear Rainier locked inside the supply closet. Kill the entire horde first, then talk to Rainier. He will tell you to look for the custodian and get the key to set him free.

You now have to search for the key to free Rainier. Follow the marker to a utility room and pick up the Incident Report by the shelf on the left. You will learn that you have to find the custodian named Lenny and get the key from him. You’ll find Lenny nearby; defeat him and the other nearby enemies. Once Lenny is defeated, pick up the key that he dropped and head back to Rainier.

Kill Rainier - Dead Island 2 Missing Rainier Lost & Found Quest Walkthrough

As you open the door, you will see that Rainier has transformed into more of a zombie than a Numen. Kill him, and you will get the Superior Melee Punctuator Mod plus 2,500 XP. You can also pick up the Journal – Rainier’s World and the Custodian’s Locker Key inside the supply closet. You can head back to the utility room from earlier and use the key to open the custodian’s locker and get a weapon inside, the Superior Puncturator Nail Gun.

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