Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Quest Walkthrough

Learn where to find Steve and complete the Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Lost and Found quest with the help of this guide.

Dead Island 2 Missing Steve cover

Missing: Steve is one of the various Missing Persons Lost & Found quests that can be done in Dead Island 2. In this quest, players will have to find Steve, but Steve wants to find an undead cast for his production.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to find Steve and how to complete the Missing: Steve Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

How to start the Missing: Steve Lost & Found quest?

To start the Missing: Steve Lost & Found quest, go to Serling Hotel where you can grab the Missing: Steve Poster by the wall of missing people. This quest will appear once the main story campaign has been completed and the missing persons board has an available slot for the quest.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Walkthrough

Fast travel to Monarch Studios and make your way to Stage 03. From here, go to the bedroom set with the pink bed to the right to get the Steve’s To-Do List Journal by the pillow.

In the kitchen set, inspect the following items: soap and toothbrush by the sink, water bottles, box of food near the fridge, and the answering machine by the stairs. Once done, you will get the Live Notes Journal.

Now, make your way to Steve’s trailer which is parked by Studio 07. Make sure to neutralize the burst sacs in the area first to get to the trailer safely. Go inside the trailer and open the door to the right to get the Sergio’s Phone Journal. You can also check the sKOpe nearby to get The Montana Method Journal.

Next, fast travel or make your way on foot to Beverly Hills and proceed to follow the marker to get to Steve’s apartment. You will then get to speak to Steve who wants you to find him three zombies to cast for his production, which are as follows:

  • The Villain
  • The Hero
  • The Hunk

Follow the marker which will lead you to the house on the east. Get the attention of the zombie (The Villain) and lure it back to Steve’s apartment. Once Steve sees it, kill the zombie.

After killing the villain, follow the marker to the west and get the attention of the zombie (The Hero) right in front of the garage. Lure it back to Steve and kill it once he sees it.

After killing The Hero zombie, follow the marker to the east open area where you will find The Hunk. Lure it back to Steve then kill it.

After getting all of the zombies, talk to Steve to complete the quest. You will receive the Legendary Searing Krakatoa weapon and 2,500 XP.

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