Dead Island 2 Pre-Order Bonus Release Gets Delayed

It's going to take a while unfortunately.

Players who have pre-ordered Dead Island 2 will have to wait a while before they could get the bonus items.

Many popular titles offer some bonus items, packs, skins, and more for consumers who pre-purchase or pre-order them before launching as thanks. Dambuster Studios offered the same with Dead Island 2 with pre-order bonuses. Those who purchased the more expensive versions besides the Standard Edition were promised they would get special items to download soon after launch. It seems that is not happening anymore.

Last April 2023, Dambuster Studios promised fans that those who pre-ordered the Gold/Deluxe/HELL-A Editions will be able to get bonus character packs for Amy and Jacob. “They will be available for download SOON after release,” said the post. A new follow-up reply was posted stating that they aim to release the character packs in the summer 2023. This means fans will have to wait a few months before getting the content.

Fans are not happy about this delay since the items were one of the perks to buy the more expensive versions. If Dambuster Studios would offer these bonuses for free as compensation for the delay, this could ease the anger of the fans.

Dead Island 2 is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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