Dead Space Remake Graphical Fixes in Development

Fix is on the way after getting discovered.

Motive Studios is already on the move working on a new fix for Dead Space Remake graphical issues.

Dead Space Remake Graphical Issue Discovered

The fix the studio is working on right now is for the varial rate shading (VRS) graphical issue that was found in the game, particularly on the PS5. This was recently discovered by Digital Foundry’s John Lineman on his Twitter account revealing how darker sections of the game’s environments basically lose most of their detail.

“The actual resolution is much higher… but VRS causes shadowed regions to basically lose most of their detail,” John said. He then asked the studio to develop an option to disable VRS on PS5 and PC.

Motive Studios On the Move

Motive Studios has recently responded to that call and promised to do just that. On the official Dead Space reddit, an EA spokesperson wrote their response. “The team is working on a patch that will improve the issue on PS5. No ETA quite yet, but I’ll keep you all updated. Thank you for your patience as well as your help with identifying this issue!”

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Dead Space Remake is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Our resident reviewer scored it a solid 9 saying, “Even though it’s 10 years late, Dead Space (2023) is Electronic Arts’ apology letter after the mayhem of Dead Space 3. With the release of this remake, it has been demonstrated that good development and listening to what the public wants is essential in providing a breath of fresh air to an old game.”