How to Defeat the Brute Boss in Dead Space Remake

Best tactics on Dead Space Remake Isaac Clarke Vs Brute Necromorph boss fight.

How to defeat the Brute in Dead Space Remake

The Brute in Dead Space Remake is a massive necromorph with a lot of health. Its tough skin makes it difficult to damage and its fast speed makes it hard to target its weak spots. This guide will teach you how to easily defeat the Brute in Dead Space Remake.

The Brute is a Necromorph that is composed of at least three corpses. Its exterior skin is almost fully encased in bones making it difficult to penetrate and target weak spots. Despite its armor, it’s extremely agile able to catch up with Isaac in a matter of seconds. It can also fire explosive projectiles at Isaac should its limbs be severed.

How to beat the Brute Necromoph in Dead Space Remake?

The Brute in Dead Space Remake is a formidable opponent, but it has weak points that you can exploit. The Brute’s thick armor deflects frontal assaults and any shooting off its limbs, so you need to focus on its unarmored areas. These areas include pulsating sacs on its back and upper arms, which are the Brute’s weak points. Attacking these sacs can help you defeat the Brute boss in Dead Space Remake fast. The most effective tactic for dealing with the Brute is to use Stasis and attack it from behind with any weapon.

To take down the Brute, use Stasis to slow it down and make it vulnerable to attack. The front of the Brute is its strongest, so stasis works to give you room to immediately move to its vulnerable spots. Begin by targeting the weak points on its back until you dismember the legs. The weak points you need to prioritize are the limbs to its legs. It will glow yellow so you know where to hit it. Once you disconnect its leg, it will no longer be able to charge towards you.

For a quicker kill, use high explosives, such as a red fuel tank, when available. Simply throw the fuel tank at the Brute using kinesis to completely disrupt its life in a matter of seconds.

The Brute is a hostile boss but it is not very quick. You can avoid its attacks by moving backward or to the side, but you won’t be able to outrun it. When blood sprays out, you know you’ve defeated the Brute, and you’ll earn the Brute Force Trophy.

Best Weapons Against the Brute in Dead Space Remake

The best weapons against the Brute would be the Contact Beam, Flamethrower, and Pulse Rifle. The Contact Beams can charge up high-damage lasers which are great against Brutes.

Setting up mines using the Pulse Rifle is also a valid tactic. Place one on the ground using its secondary fire and lead the Brute toward it. This will cost you 25 Pulse Rounds but it does deal quite a bit of damage.

The Flamethrower is a great weapon against the Brute as it’ll continuously damage it as it tries to come towards you. Use stasis to slow it down and then use the Flamethrower’s secondary fire to douse the area in flames.

Best Weapons Against the Brute in Dead Space Remake

The first time you encounter the Brute is in Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent. Its arm will break through the glass on the hallway as you try to get to Hammond. The moment you try to get to the Security Control room to enable the elevators it will break through the door forcing a boss fight in the Atrium.

You’ll also encounter another Brute again in the same chapter when you get into the Electrical Systems to reroute power. Only this time, there’s less room to dodge. Thankfully you’ll have the chance to come across a new weapon that’s great against Brutes.

This Youtube video from SHiNWiN shows you Dead Space Remake Isaac Clarke Vs Brute Necromorph boss.