Deadly Sins Retribution Codes (March 2023)

What active codes are available for Deadly Sins Retribution?

Deadly Sins Retribution codes featured

If you ever wanted to change your race, reset your stats, and etc., then you’re looking for these Deadly Sins Retribution codes. This Roblox game like many of its kind also offers some awesome freebies to redeem if you happen to know what specific codes are available for it. Don’t miss out on the chance to get ahead of the herd by knowing what codes are available for Deadly Sins Retribution.

So what Deadly Sins Retribution codes are active right now? And which ones are expired already?

All Deadly Sins Retribution Codes (March 2023)

Here are the Deadly Sins Retribution codes that are confirmed to be working as of March 13, 2023:

  • 2500concurrent (x10 spins, x2 EXP gains)
  • 50klikes (x10 spins, x2 EXP gains for 200 seconds)
  • 55klikes (x20 spins, x2 exp gains for 400 seconds)
  • anniversarydelayed (x20 spins)
  • anniversarytreat (x10 spins)
  • arcaneodyssey (x40 spins)
  • bossnerf (x25 spins)
  • chasethebag (x30 spins)
  • cloverretributiontesting (x50 spins)
  • deadlyforest (x15 spins)
  • delaycode (x30 spins)
  • dropthegifts (x20 spins)
  • dsrtiktok (x20 spins)
  • dsryoutube (x15 spins)
  • fabfixesyetagain (x10 spins)
  • fabgoestosleep (x10 spins)
  • fabis23now (x70 spins)
  • fabisworking (x20 spins, x2 exp gains for 400 seconds)
  • fairy (exp for 600 seconds)
  • freereset4 (Free Stat Reset)
  • freereset5 (Free Stat Reset)
  • freereset6 (Free Stat Reset)
  • freereset7 (Free Stat Reset)
  • freereset8 (Free Stat Reset)
  • freereset9 (Free Stat Reset)
  • getthepumpkin (x10 spins)
  • giftchange (x25 spins)
  • halloweenfix (x5 spins)
  • halloweenpart1 (x20 spins)
  • halloweenpart2soon (x20 spins)
  • halloweenpoint (Free Stat Reset)
  • halloweenreward (x5 spins)
  • happycode (x10 spins)
  • happyhalloween (x21 Spins)
  • happyholidays2022 (x25 Spins)
  • hellblaze (x25 spins)
  • mondayupdate (x15 spins)
  • newyear2023 (x23 Magic, Free Race Spin)
  • octobergoals (x21 spins)
  • preupdatepatch (x15 spins)
  • preupdatepatch2 (x2 exp for 600 seconds)
  • preupdatepatch3 (Free Stat Reset)
  • raremagic1 (Free Rare Magic Spin *only usable above level 200)
  • rarerace (Rare Race Spin *only usable in new servers)
  • robirthday (x30 spins)
  • somefixes (x10 spins)
  • spookyseason (x10 spins)
  • thankful (x24 spins)
  • thankful2 (x40 spins)
  • tiktokup (x25 spins)
  • update2week (x15 spins, x2 exp for 200 seconds)
  • update3coming (x15 spins)
  • update4coming (x20 spins)
  • welovedsr (x10 spins)
  • weloveexp (x2 exp for 200 seconds)
  • wereallydolovedsr (x35 spins)

Expired Deadly Sins Retribution Codes

These Deadly Sins Retribution codes are expired and no longer work:

  • anotherbugfix
  • clover_retribution
  • eventtime
  • fabdelay
  • fabfix1
  • freereset
  • freereset2—Redeem code for Stat Points reset
  • freereset3
  • happyholidays
  • horizon
  • megaupdate
  • mothersday
  • preparation
  • quickfix
  • quickfix2
  • rerelease1
  • rerelease2
  • rerelease3
  • rerelease4
  • rerelease5
  • rerelease6
  • roballlate
  • thankyou1000
  • thankyou1700
  • upd1
  • update2coming
  • updatesoon
  • yetanotherbugfix

Rewards that you can redeem via codes for this game do not last forever. So redeem them while you still can. Don’t worry if you missed any because Deadly Sins Retribution more codes will be added soon so keep coming back.

Deadly Sins Retribution codes

These codes will help you gain spins, stat resets, race resets, and etc. And the best part is that they’re free! So you don’t need to pay to use them.

How to redeem Deadly Sins Retribution codes?

On the main menu of the game, click on the Customize button and then go to Race & Magic. Enter any of the working codes above to redeem the associated reward.

You can get more codes in the future by revisiting us as we will frequently update this article for more. Deadly Sins Retribution is sure to get more codes added as we get more updates from Roblox game developer Fabiox99 on his Twitter account.

That’s all the Deadly Sins Retribution codes we can give you today. We hope this article was informative.