Death Stranding 2 Codes Offers Special Avatar Rewards

Enjoy this weird BB Pod avatar.

Kojima Productions is currently giving away Death Stranding 2 codes that will unlock special avatar rewards.

After the big reveal at The Game Awards, it seems Kojima Productions is now in full swing to promote its next project, Death Stranding 2. The show revealed a short trailer revealing the return of Norman Reedus and Sam Porter Bridges and Lea Seydoux as Fragile, but with big differences from the original game.

Kojima Productions is currently celebrating its 7th anniversary and also the reveal of DS2 so it is now giving away free Death Stranding 2 codes that will unlock cool special avatar rewards. This is DS2 BB Pod PSN special avatar set that includes a variety of BB Pods. These BB Pods are special as they are the same ones from the trailer where tentacles appear inside them. They are available for any player who claims them.

Also, the codes are different per region so choose correctly.

  • Americas: PRKT-2QNQ-DH4X
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: EHNA-6MNB-PGL5
  • Asia: CRBA-GKNP-J9EK 
  • Japan: JP2J-A5NG-PT2F
  • Korea: 3D86-9PNF-KABQ

To claim these codes on desktop, just log into your PSN account at the PSN Store. Click on your avatar at the top of the screen and select Redeem Codes option. Enter the product code and it will add the avatars to the account.

Death Stranding 2 is currently in development.