Death Stranding 2 Release Window Possibly Revealed

It might be true but no official confirmation yet.

A new update from an artist’s profile might have just accidentally revealed the possible Death Stranding 2 release window.

Senior Artist Frank Aliberti has worked as a senior character artist at 2K but also worked for PlayStation Studios Visual Arts. They had most of their credits listed on a website called ArtStation. While the one credit that many would notice right away is their work on PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, it is this particular recent credit that made some fans of Death Stranding quite excited. They recently worked as a senior artist on the upcoming game and they might have just given away some important details.

It was revealed that the upcoming sequel is planned for release in 2024. The original record on the account has been deleted from Aliberti’s ArtStation account, but ResetEra has already saved a copy of the original resume.

death stranding 2

No official confirmation from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions yet.

Death Stranding 2 will be available on PS5.