Death Stranding Director’s Cut Preview Trailer Showcases Extra Content

See how the improved stabilizers, catapult, buddy bot, and more work.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding: Director's Cut

During the Gamescom Opening Night Live, Kojima Productions released a preview trailer for upcoming video game Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

The new Death Stranding Director’s Cut Preview Trailer is almost 9 minutes long showcasing the newest additions to it like new trials with advanced combat, explore new locations with extra missions and minigames, an extended storyline, and more.

One of the first mechanics showcased is the improved stabilizers that allows Sam Bridges to jump safely from high places. Another is the cargo catapult that can launch cargo to far distances and safely land them with a parachute. There is also the buddy bot that can carry cargo for Sam in case he needs assistance in bringing a lot of items.

These are just some of the many additions that were not available in the original Death Stranding and can now be played on the Director’s Cut.

The game will support the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to increase immersion in gameplay. With the PS5’s SSD, loading speeds are faster than ever. There are also two graphic modes to choose from, performance mode offering 60 FPS and upscaled 4K resolution, and the other mode that supports native 4K. Both will have HDR support.

Owners of the Death Stranding PS4 version can just upgrade to the Director’s Cut Digital Deluxe Edition for only $10. Buying it on PS5 is $59.99. The Standard Edition is only $49.99. It will be released on September 24, 2021.