Death Stranding Shown Off By Hideo Kojima To Guerilla Games

Death Stranding villain

Hideo Kojima recently visited the studios of Guerilla Games again to present his latest creation Death Stranding. He left with a positive note from the developers.

Death Stranding impressed Guerilla Games

It was three years exactly that Kojima recently visited the offices of Guerilla Games and at that time he received permission to have the Decima Engine source code. To give this thanks, he presented his latest creation to the developers who gave him the codes.

Studio co-founder Hermen Hulst recently tweeted a few pictures of himself together with Kojima. He said that he was impressed that Kojima brought the same box that he gave him with the Decima Engine source code within it but this time around was the game demo of his creation. He was so impressed with the demo.

Technical director Michiel Leeuw described the whole demonstration as amazing. He was also proud of Kojima of what he has achieved.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4 but there is still no specific release window yet.

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