Horizon Multiplayer Game to Feature Original Narrative and Characters

New details of this upcoming new multiplayer game!

There is a new job listing at Guerilla Games revealing that the Horizon Multiplayer game will feature an original narrative and characters.

The job listing revealed new details of Guerilla’s upcoming multiplayer Horizon spin-off game. It revealed that it will have its own narrative and new characters that will not be related to Aloy’s ongoing saga.

Guerilla’s new job listing revealed the studio is looking for a Narrative Director to help “guide the vision for storytelling as the world of Horizon evolves into the multiplayer space.” The job offer states that the Narrative Director will be leading a diverse team of writers who will be creating various new characters and stories. This confirms that the new multiplayer game will have its own story to tell and separate from the main story that Aloy’s adventures are in.

This mysterious multiplayer Horizon game still has so many unknowns at this time, but this new information is much better compared to leaked and then confirmed by Guerilla Games at a later time. It has also been theorized that this multiplayer game will be released sometime before the third Horizon game is released.