Horizon Board Game Continues Story After Zero Dawn

Fans might want to get this game if they want to know more of the lore of Horizon.

It has been revealed in a new announcement that a new Horizon board game is in the works and its story will be canon to the story of the Horizon franchise as a whole.

This new Horizon board game is designed by Steamforged Games who were the ones who also made the Horizon Zero Dawn board game way back in 2020. It follows a new, canon story set shortly before Aloy’s arrival in Forbidden West. Guerilla Games is helping the board game designers to make a “canonical adventure that will cover never-before-seen events.”

Players will not play existing characters in the already existing Horizon Forbidden West board game. They will take command of Marshals from the warlike Tenakth clans that control post-apocalyptic California and Nevada. The tribes’ peace is quite weak and flimsy which could ignite into a war if something happens. It is the players’ task to uncover a lot that seeks to destroy the alliance.

It is officially called Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion. It is a co-op board game that allows 1 to 4 players and will be on Kickstarter starting November 21, 2023. No full details yet, but Steamforged revealed that players will be able to upgrade the hero with new equipment over the course of the adventure. Every action has a consequence so be careful. “Several meaningful decisions that shape your quest and can even impact gameplay mechanics.”

There will be new mechanics, new machines to encounter, new miniatures, and systems. One of them is the Tremortusk.

Compared to the original boardgame, players have another option to complete an objective. They can do the “new cooperative stealth system, in-depth combat encounters, and a huge suite of abilities for your hunters to outwit, evade, and dismantle your enemies.”