Death Stranding Character Heartman Teasing Return To Game

Death Stranding Heartman

Filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, who plays the role of Heartman in Death Stranding, is seemingly teasing a return of his character in the game.

Death Stranding Heartman could be coming back

Heartman was recently teased by its actor after a Reddit user spotted a published image of Refn’s Instagram. It showed Heartman will return scribble across a photo of himself and game creator Hideo Kojima.

Many fans have started speculating that this could mean Heartman will be making a comeback to the game in some sort of DLC or an expansion. Other players are opposing this since his character is tied to the story strongly and it ended quite nicely already.

Some are already thinking that a movie or a potential sequel is already in the works. Kojima did say in one of his interviews that he considering making a fusion of movies and video games in the future, and since Refn is a filmmaker, it could make sense.

The full game is already available on PlayStation 4. A PC version will be coming later on.

Source: Reddit