Death Stranding Photo Mode For PS4 Finally Announced

Death Stranding Heartman

Get ready to take those sweet beautiful shots, PS4 owners, cause a proper photo mode is coming to you soon. Kojima Productions have taken to Twitter to announce to everyone that they’ll soon be adding the mode in future updates. However, we don’t exactly have a proper date. Only that it’ll be “coming soon.”

Previously and currently, you’re only way to take photos of the gorgeous landscape was through the SHARE button on your PS4. No editing it as you’d like and no capturing it from the angle you please. You’d have to make do with what you have. This is especially unfortunate, because Death Stranding is gorgeous to look at. But with a little patience, this mode will be available to us soon.

For PC players, when the game releases for them, will be able to access Photo Mode on day 1. Kojima also mentioned that he’d be doing something of a contest similar to the one they held for Metal Gear Solid 2.

Source: PushSquare