Sequel to Death Stranding Might Be Happening with Kojima Tweet Tease

Game director Hideo Kojima recently posted on social media about designing a new title, which seems to be teasing something of a sequel for Death Stranding.

Kojima recently posted on his official Twitter account with an image attached that screamed hints of mysterious and popular video game Death Stranding. The one that definitely stood out was the baby doll on fetal position, which reminded everyone of BB that the protagonist of Death Stranding was carrying around.

The tweet itself is about his work-from-home process with an upcoming title. Some strongly believe he is working with Yoji Shinkawa of possibly the sequel or its downloadable content.

In another tweet, he posted another image with a caption. He was listening to Oasis by Kitaro that he recently bought. In the image, a drawing is seen and if you rotate it 90 degrees to the left, you would see the word Bridges written on the weird looking vehicle.

The two tweets might be unrelated or it is just something Kojima thought of posting. Or it could be a big hint of an upcoming sequel. Or a new game entirely.

Thanks ResetEra for the hint on the second tweet!