Demon’s Souls Fractured Mode, Pre-Order Incentives, and the Truth of the Sixth Archstone


As we have discussed in the previous article about upcoming video game Demon’s Souls, there are tons of changes that players will be expecting when it comes out the PlayStation 5 soon. Well, there are more details revealed with this new interview of SIE Worldwide Studios External Development Creative Director Gavin Moore with Gamespot.

Demon's Souls

Moore first shared what the Fractured Mode is all about. It is a pretty challenging mode to try since it is just the Fractured World and it is a “mirror mode.” In other words, players will have to go through a map in reverse with more difficult monsters and enemies to face. Somehow, this reminds of the inverted castle of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Then the creative director talked about the pre-order incentive that offered players the weapon Reaper Scythe. He was asked if that offered the easy option for them to try out with the Reaper Scythe or that the weapon has a hidden attribute that makes it easier to kill enemies. He clarified that there is no easy option in the game, but he did confirm there are new contents somewhere in the game and everything else is from the original PS4 version. He also made it clear that the Reaper Scythe is just a pre-order incentive, which is a polearm weapon with a “super sharp blade.” He teased that “it can actually cut the very soul of you enemy.” Take that any way you want it though.

And for the final detail, Moore revealed that there is no sixth Archstone in this version. There are only five Archstones in the Nexus and will be true to the original.

Demon’s Souls is coming exclusively on PlayStation this coming November 12.

Interview source: GameSpot