Demon’s Souls Mystery Door Finally Solved


After many attempts and failures from many veterans and newcomers, the mystery door of popular video game remake Demon’s Souls is finally solved.

Many have attempted to solve the mystery door behind the illusory wall in Boleteria world 1-3 as we have reported a while back. Many were disappointed because they have tried every trick in the book and still, they did not make a dent. Today, it has been solved and it was done by a Souls speedrunner with a name Distortion2.

For players who still want to solve the mystery door without getting spoiled, do not go beyond this. Spoilers ahead!

According to the speedrunner, all that was needed were the newly added item called the Ceramic Coin. These were hidden across different Fractured World with ether Pure White or Pure Black tendency. To make it more certain, there was a design on the mystery door that matched with the Ceramic Coin. The hint was there all along.

Distortion2 was right on the money for collecting these coins. He then traded 26 coins to the Sparkly the Crow, which was an item trader in Shrine of Storms. He then got the Rusted Key. This was the important item that could unlock the mystery door. Mystery solved!

The speedrunner gained his prize, which was the Penetrator armor set and sword. It was found on a veranda with a corpse. It is a pretty strong set and cool looking too.

So why the Ceramic Coins? Actually, this was a reference to the Shadow of Colossus remake that had a secret that also relied on coins. It unlocked an easter egg that Bluepoint added to it, and they need 79 hidden coins for it.

Demon’s Souls is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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